I’m told that pediatricians have a saying: “If you see one anomaly, look for another.”

Several anomalies have come to light in the recent presidential election, but there is a concerted effort in the mainstream media to overlook them. Since the electorate already justifiably holds the media in low esteem, their current posture can only serve to reduce voters’ confidence in both the media and the electoral process.

Voters are neither stupid nor deplorable. They are aware that procedural errors persist in every election, despite repeated admonitions that such failures are not problematic. They are also aware that hypocrisy is the handmaiden of politics, regardless of party affiliation.

Yet hypocrisy abounds and shows no signs of letting up. President-elect Joe Biden says it is “embarrassing” for Republicans not to concede the election in light of the unofficial vote count. Yet, I don’t recall anyone from the Democrat side being embarrassed by one of their own, Stacey Abrams, refusing to concede Georgia’s gubernatorial race in 2018, long after the majority considered the matter settled.



Baton Rouge