I listened to Steve Bannon on "60 Minutes" explaining to Charlie Rose that all the DACA kids, the "dreamers," should self-deport. No amnesty and no path to citizenship. Just leave the country forever. And I thought how so many people say, “All politicians lie. Both parties are the same. They are all corrupt.” End of story. Discussion shut down. No need to think about things. No point to look further. Ideology, ideas, all dismissed. A very easy way to get back to football.

I suspect there is some truth to that. Politicians are not known to be scrupulous with the truth. Actually, knowing how to bend a story to suit the occasion is a political necessity. So we, as voters, are comfortable selecting the story that best suits our bias and voting accordingly. Then we can concentrate on the game, honest Americans who have done our part and can’t be bothered further.

Steve Bannon is not a politician but he claims that he is the defender, Galahad as it were, to Trump’s Arthur. I think he is Trump’s soul. I believe, when despicable, vainglorious, and silly statements come from Bannon’s mouth we are listening to the true mind of Donald Trump. Some of Bannon’s statements were simply ridiculous. Is he ignorant of the enormous migrations to the United States in the 19th and early 20th century. Did he confuse Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the Caribbean in the 18th century, with the giants of American industry one hundred years later, who were often immigrants themselves? His claim that the Catholic church solicits immigration to fill its pews implies churches across the U.S. are full of newly converted Muslims.

But his dismissal of 800,000 young men and women who have been raised as Americans, living in homes where often their siblings and often at least one parent are Americans, who speak English and may know no other language, who have no ties through family, friends or familiarity to any other country, should be abruptly swept out our doors like kitchen dust, reveals the evil soul of this White House, both in Bannon, the Knight Errant and in his King, Donald Trump.

Jeff Sessions justified the ending of DACA with a series of lies. These lies were so transparent they can only be believed by those who refuse to ask a single question. But since we assume all politicians lie, it is easy to assume all politicians lie equally so why bother to ask. And why bother to care if the president of our country is using our lack of interest to commit a brutal act of cruelty and indifference we can never make right.

Dixie McIlwraith

retired sales director

New Orleans