Charles Krauthammer’s opinion on the future of the Republican Party, post-presidential election (Nov. 9) is one of the most sensible I’ve read!

The “gist” of this subject pertains to the future direction for the GOP.

This party was the one that soundly beat the Democrats halfway through President Barack Obama’s first term. Gaining “House” majority, and increasing numbers in the Senate showed that conservatism is still alive and welcome to most of Americans. Remember that most Americans are “pro-life” as well as “anti-big government.”

In fact, the very group that put Obama over the top were Latinos; but we shaded our similarities by disregarding “delicacy” on the immigration subject: Do “full legal normalization (just short of citizenship) in return for full border enforcement,” says Krauthammer. Can we imagine Marco Rubio advancing such a policy in 2016?

The GOP should not move to the left, lest they lose the ethical standards and patriotism for which they are known.

Besides, we don’t need two liberal parties. Party singularism in this direction constitutes socialism, which we fought against on the battlefield. “Republicans must change not just ethnically; but ideologically” — diverse inclusiveness!

Finally, there is a new group of rising leaders who are rooted in constitutional conservatism. Do not abandon these principles. Just look at European socialism which is “imploding” before our eyes. As Krauthammer noted, just look at Obama’s “increasing unsustainable big spending, big government paternalism”!

Republicans, take Krauthammer’s advice ... “no whining”; just do conservatism; but do it better. We have a whole generation of leaders to do just that.

Jean Rice

philanthropy consultant