I am staying home because I love you. I am wearing a mask because I love you.

In April, the matriarch of my family died of coronavirus. She died alone. She died alone so that none of her family would catch this disease. She deserved better. This woman who was always there for her family deserved better.

If you want the world to get back, like I do, demand more tests. Demand a government that does its job — not one that stokes infectious protests and fake divisions — by giving us the tests we need.

I am staying home because I don’t want you to experience the same loss my family has experienced. I refuse to buy into this fake (and dangerous) choice between public health and economic interests.

Public health and adequate testing leads to economic development. I refuse to buy into this false dichotomy because I love you.

You deserve better. She deserved better. We all deserve better.



Baton Rouge