Most will remember someone in their childhood who was a bully. This individual pushed people around by intimidating them until fear surfaced. Bullies thrive on fear. And so long as people backed down, the bully threatened physical harm in exchange for acquiescing to their demands. But you may also remember when someone finally said, “I’m not taking this anymore.” They challenged the bully with greater physical skills and returned the intimidation. Once faced with this obstacle, the bully’s advantage was gone.

Today, bullies are on the world stage. Radical Islamic terrorists are roaming the world, causing governments to back down and succumb to their intimidation. Their threats are vastly more serious than the neighborhood menace, and their executions and murders have produced fear around the world. The world is on the defensive, and these groups are winning the war of fear.

The Islamic State group, having split from al-Qaida, is a growing menace with its ruthless tactics and total disregard for human life. They are fearmongers personified.

The tentative behavior of the world is only an encouragement for theorist chaotic practices. The Islamic State group and other Muslim terror groups are well financed, proven haters of Western civilization, Israel and anyone else who is not Muslim. Creeping around the world at warp speed, they have become a formidable force. But the analogy of how kids handle bullies is still appropriate in this situation.

Incredibly, in spite of barbaric tactics proudly shown to the word, the president steadfastly refuses to use the term radical Islamic terrorism. At the recent national prayer day, he had the unmitigated gall to link Islamic terrorism with the Christians Crusades that took place over 1,000 years ago. What he conveniently left out was that Christians were fighting Muslim Seljuk Turks who had defeated the Byzantine Empire at the Battle of Manzikert and took control of Jerusalem. The Christian Byzantines asked European knights to assist them in defeating the Muslims and retaking Jerusalem, So Mr. President, today’s radicals are no different than the radicals of yesteryear. Muslims have been attacking non-Muslims since the sixth century, and they continue today.

Until the free world unites to develop a universal strategy, until the president admits who is the enemy and until a well-designed strategy forcefully begins to repeal their insidious ways, terrorism will continue to grow. It is a dangerous task and will be a long-lasting campaign. Until we understand the bullies, will not change their ideology; the only chance of defeating them is to counter their savage ways. It’s time for the world to say, “We are not going to take this anymore.”

Billy Arcement

professional speaker, consultant