Isn’t it just like liberal columnists Cokie and Steve Roberts to accuse conservatives of having a “habit about Benghazi they can’t kick?”

Never mind that the Democratic Party has done any and everything it can to downplay the investigation into torture and murder of the American counsel on American soil at the Benghazi counsel’s compound and the murder of three other Americans trying to defend him. Never mind the Obama administration has done nothing to bring the murderers to justice and, for political damage control, only seeks to wipe the reality of this atrocity out of the minds of voters. Cokie and Steve think Republicans are playing politics because they want the truth to be known about Benghazi despite Democrats trying to suppress it.

A terrible crime has been committed against four Americans and the entire nation, but all Cokie and Steve see is politics. Maybe if one of the murdered Americans was a relative of Cokie and Steve, they’d see things in a more objective light, but for now, they’re blinded to their devotion to the president and their favorite for president-to-be, Hillary Clinton.

The Robertses have been running in the inner circle of the Washington, D.C., elite far too long, so what happened to brave men like the ones murdered in Benghazi is just old news they can use to criticize conservatives. Never mind the grieving families or a grieving nation.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge