A good library system is one of the signs of a strong community. Libraries provide literacy and technical training which helps raise the education levels of the community. Libraries are also economically friendly since we share materials.

Educational programs about geology, genealogy, caregiving, and computer use are just a few of the numerous opportunities the Lafayette library has offered in the past. There are a wide variety of programs and book groups for children, adults, teens and families. Over 3,000 programs were offered in one year alone.

When there is a power grid issue or a lack of internet service, individuals can use library computers for work and school. Meeting rooms are available for study groups and associations that benefit our community. The meeting rooms were used over 30,000 times in 2018.

Pre-pandemic, there were almost a million visits to our libraries in Lafayette Parish in one year. Over 2 million items were checked out. It is vital to the health of Lafayette that we renew the library tax in October in order to keep our libraries. We need our libraries!


retired science teacher