In 2016, the New Orleans community embraced a renewed energy at the Shrine on Airline. We strived to provide first-class, affordable family entertainment in a clean, safe and inviting environment. We promised you our best, and for the first time since 2002, attendance eclipsed 400,000. Our fans experienced baseball, Catholic League football and the first major concert at the ballpark. As we look to an exciting future, we are proud to present, your brand new, New Orleans Baby Cakes.

This rebrand brings fresh vitality to the organization, adding enthusiasm to the culture and fierce pride evident throughout our community. During this process, we learned that New Orleans is one family. A family rich in tradition, eager to “laissez les bon temps rouler” and share its exuberant lifestyle. You welcomed us into your lives, and we took notice.

There is an incredible local pride in New Orleans, represented by one-of-a-kind festivals our city cherishes. We want you to feel pride and ownership for Baby Cakes when you explain this quirky name, detailing the joys of celebration and the king cake tradition; how it transcended the time from Epiphany to Fat Tuesday, becoming intertwined with any special moment where we rejoice together. Someone will unfortunately find the baby and have to buy the next cake, but that guarantees another celebration!

We know you love the Zephyrs and their New Orleans tradition. In 2017, our players will have a heritage crest embroidered on their sleeve, featuring both the Zephyr and Pelican logos, paying homage to the team’s history. Additionally, “Zephyr Navy” has been enveloped with our new Mardi Gras colors, creating a powerful, yet entertaining, look.

Our mascots, Boudreaux and Clotile, will sport the new colors, continuing to bring joy and excitement to everyone visiting the ballpark.

We share Minor League Baseball’s values of family and fun. While we take our role in the community seriously, we also enjoy a hearty laugh and some good old-fashioned fun! We look forward to hosting an atmosphere that provides a picturesque backdrop to kick back, catch up and enjoy each other’s company. With new, exciting family-friendly events and stadium improvements, our ballpark experience will replicate the many festivals throughout New Orleans.

Brand new traditions are coming in 2017. Everything you need for this new chapter, beginning on April 6, is at, including Baby Cakes merchandise, also available at our new first floor retail store.

Thank you for supporting our beloved franchise. We are excited to give you a team to call your own, one that reflects the uniqueness of the Crescent City.

Lou Schwechheimer

owner/president, New Orleans Baby Cakes

New Orleans

Augusto “Cookie” Rojas

general manager, New Orleans Baby Cakes

New Orleans