How sad it is that symbols of history can so easily be removed. The statue of Andrew Jackson could be added to the list.

Should the antebellum homes that housed the slaves be burned? How about the schools where segregation was practiced? Should they be closed?

England caused great pain and suffering to the pilgrims. Germany, Italy and Japan caused our country great misery during World War II. Should we break relations with them? Think about the Colosseum in Rome and the awful things that happened there. Should it be allowed to stand?

The Civil War was a horrible event in the history of our nation. Thank God the North defeated the South and slavery was abolished.

Please let the statues and other reminders of slavery exist.

As we view them, we should bow our head and, in silence, offer a prayer for the slaves and their descendants, who had to endure suffering, pain and sometimes death. We should never harbor hate.

If we do, how can we expect God to “bless America”?

Peter Hebert

retired, Entergy

Belle Chasse