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As Gov. John Bel Edwards, right, watches, Interim Asst. Secretary Office of Public Health Dr. Joseph Kanter, left, addresses the state's response to COVID-19. LDH announced a big jump in coronavirus numbers Nov. 13.

I am reaching out to follow up on a previous news article from this newspaper regarding the court hearing on Zoom on Nov. 12. I was the one who un-muted myself to speak against Gov. Edwards' lawyer when he said the bill is no longer in effect.

I was not through with my statement before Judge William Morvant had an issue with free speech, removing me from the Zoom hearing.

Our state needs to be opened back up to full capacity because of the crippling effects due to orders from "King" Edwards has had on our state. People have lost jobs and businesses have shut down due to his controlling orders and many others.

Edwards is not a health expert and does not know what is medically right for our economy. The only businesses that have not been crippled are the big chain enterprises. What about the small-town locals who feed their families with their businesses? This state cannot be shut down any longer.

Edwards needs to put faith in the citizens of the state to do the right thing and not control every single thing we do. My main message for the people is, "Open your businesses back up; if everyone does so, there is nothing gross government control can do.”

And to Edwards and his lawyers and horribly rude judges, please keep the controlling communist agendas in the Democratic attic. This is on behalf of everyone in our state who has been affected by these orders in "The Peanut Gallery."




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