Dan Fagan’s article on Louisiana population loss begs the questions: What was the situation during the former administration’s eight years? How much could the governor do if our legislative body did not have answers to the budget problems that were inherited from the former administration, in which the Legislature played a large part?

With all the natural resources the state has and with our cancer alley booming, why is the state so “poor”?

Dan Fagan: How can we stop Louisiana's population exodus? Adopt pro-job growth policies

Fagan should answer those questions before trying to throw dirt on the present administration. What the state needs is a truthful examination of why the state is suffering with our great resources and all the companies along the Mississippi River.

Answer these, Mr. Fagan, then you may help to solve the problem instead of simply trying to create divisions when what we need is togetherness in trying to solve the problems of this state.

Merle T. Harris

retired educator

New Orleans