Perhaps our most important right as a citizen of the United States is our right to vote. I voted absentee. Millions of others also voted by mail. My vote, and each of these votes need to be counted, as long as the voter met the requirements of their state for submission of their vote.

Our president insists that many of these votes should not be counted. His argument seems to be that such votes were either fraudulent, or else that the votes were not handled according to his rules, rather than the rules of each state.

I agree that fraudulent votes should not be counted, but only if a vote can be clearly demonstrated to be fraudulent.

To not count otherwise legitimate votes is nothing short of voter suppression. How our president can even suggest that we disenfranchise many voters by not counting their vote is scary, and is the biggest threat to our democracy that I can imagine. This is an attempt to take away our most important right to vote. And why? Because the votes that he wants rejected may well tip the balance toward a loss, rather than a victory, for him in his reelection bid.


retired chemical engineer