I just could not believe Tuesday’s headlines in the New Orleans edition, James Gill hired by The Advocate. We have a Benghazi crisis, an IRS crisis, The Associated Press being spied upon by the Justice Department, and Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor, found guilty of murder, and you choose to ignore all of this as major news and have this junk as headline news.

Somehow, John Georges, you failed to understand what happened to the Times-Picayune. It strayed so far to the left that it became irrelevant and not worthy of reading.

The hiring of staff writers with Pulitzer Prize credentials should be recognized as a blemish on a résumé, not an enhancement. It was not the rapid distribution of media by cellphones and computers that did the Times Picayune in; it was the left-wing biased and censored reporting that did not reflect the views of the population that it served.

Basically we’re religious and conservative, none of which had a place in the Times-Picayune. All The Advocate needs now to ensure its demise is more columnists like Leonard Pitts, Paul Klugman, Maureen Dowd, Eugene Robinson etc., and for good measure, hire Jarvis Deberry for our daily dose of, “You’re a Racist” and James Gill telling us he hates Bobby Jindal on a daily basis.

Selective reporting and burying certain news stories in the back of the paper or reporting them only on weekends is a tried-and-proven recipe for failure and The Advocate is on its way. We need truthful reporting, unbiased articles with facts and someone with common sense deciding what is newsworthy and what is not. Looks to me like your staff is loaded with liberal left-wing biased editors.

Jim Richoux

retired manufacturer