A country divided cannot and will not stand, and what we have now is a country that is becoming very divided. All through history, empires and countries have failed when the ruling party or government lorded over the citizens of their country by compelling its citizens do everything the rulers wanted and expected them to do.

The hateful rhetoric we have coming from the president, Democrats, Republicans, Maxine Waters, Vice President Joe Biden, the Black Caucus members, so called reporters, radio hosts and everyone else who calls the citizens of this great country terrorists, to go to hell and I’ll help you get there, enemies and all other derogatory, names and remarks is tearing this country apart.

These people who are called these horrible names and remarks are the taxpaying citizens of these United States whose taxes pay President Barack Obama’s, Vice President Biden’s, Maxine Waters’ and all the members of Congress’ salaries.

These people in Congress and the White House remind me of the Sadducees; they wanted to make themselves look and feel superior by their acts and words and to make everyone else quiescent, obedient and feel inferior. That is the way the politicians in Washington from the president on down are trying to make the citizens of this country feel, be silent and submissive. If you have different ideas, opinions, beliefs, honor and character than they have, then you are inferior to them.

There is a saying, “If you do not stand for something, then you will fall for anything.” That is what a lot of people in this country are doing, falling for a lot of Washington’s lies, manipulations, misrepresentations and the horrible and hateful rhetoric that is tearing this great country apart.

This great country belongs to all the citizens of this country, and it is time we make politicians realize this. Our Founding Fathers knew that there would always be bad and disrespectful politicians, and that is why they believed in smaller government, a government by the people, of the people and for the people.

Do we want a government that gets so big that it will tell us what, when, where and how to live our lives? If this happens, then we become a country no different politically from Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and all the other countries whose governments control everything for their citizens.

I hope this great country never gets so divided that it can never be healed, but it’s up to the citizens of this great country to work together to heal it. If we cannot, the only thing I can say is we failed our country and ourselves.

Dot Cambre

retired state worker