Photos, video: Connick Jr. sends Loyola graduates across stage with words of wisdom, encouragement _lowres

Advocate staff photo by MATTHEW HINTON--Harry Connick, Sr. smiles as his son Harry Connick, Jr. gives the commencement address for Loyola University in the Superdome in New Orleans, La. Saturday, May 21, 2016.

If you say something often enough, eventually it will be true. That philosophy is more popular now than ever, and James Gill appears to ascribe to it wholeheartedly. Yet again he writes an article about nonagenarian Harry Connick and his so-called henchman. Yet again he slings mud at Harry Connick, me, and countless nameless prosecutors he intends to malign, based on select difficult cases out of thousands prosecuted.

Law is messy. Criminal law in a city like New Orleans is particularly messy. Tulane and Broad can feel like the wild, wild West. Good-faith judgment mistakes are made by young attorneys, like I was, working long hours under stressful conditions, but the times they get it right far exceed the times they err. And every time they get it right, the citizens of New Orleans are a little bit safer. On the rare occasions that hindsight indicates they got it wrong, it is not because they had malicious intent to convict the innocent. It is because they are human.

I was one of the hundreds of prosecutors who worked for Harry Connick. He fought for decades to make this city safe and never suggested cutting corners to get there. So sit in your ivory tower, Mr. Gill, and shoot your arrows at a man who retired almost 15 years ago. I’ll stay down here in the arena with men like Harry Connick and fight the good fight — to help men like you feel a little safer in their bubble.

Roger Jordan


New Orleans