RE: “Group takes aim at disposable bags,” Aug. 8

On a recent trip to Brazil, I noted that I was asked to pay for the plastic grocery bags (same size as American bags) at the grocery store.

Larger reusable sacks were for sale, so I followed suit with the Brazilians and bought one of the reusables. They also had a bin in the front of the store to provide used cardboard boxes for those needing a larger alternative.

I used my new “sacola” with nice handles and found it much better to carry, so I am using it now that I have come home. Admittedly, the charge for the plastic bags caught my attention.

I understand the comments by Marsha Reichle about reusing the grocery bags at home for garbage bags. I use them, too. Surely there’s a better way to dispose of our garbage without stacking the landfills with these plastic bags.

I appreciate Baton Rouge’s recycling program. We need to encourage its expansion, and we all need to be more responsible in this area.

Robbie Endris

retired state employee

Baton Rouge