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Governor John Bel Edwards speaks July 8 at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge.

I applaud Gov. John Bel Edwards for rejecting the Legislature's proposed delay in state workers' raises.

The problem in this state and throughout the country is the fact that our politicians, state and federal, have placed the burden of the American people on the backs of the American people. It should be placed on the backs of the corporations that have managed to gorge themselves on the profits made by the working class, which struggles to keep these corporations afloat.

The CEOs and other corporate elite continue to live lives of extravagance, sheltering themselves in their gated communities, their businesses protected by tax shelters and their profits safely stored offshore in “shell companies.” At the same time, their former employees are living in their cars and on the street, being thrown scraps, during this pandemic.

This heresy would end if these corporations were forced to pay their fair share of taxes by having their tax shelters cut, and instead of their profits being sent to these shell companies that money be used to support the workers who keep them in business.

You are your brother’s keeper, just as the Bible says.


retired secretary

Baton Rouge