Conservative Southerners have learned a great deal from the recent riots following the tragic death of George Floyd. We have learned that our position in America is to remain upon the stool of everlasting repentance, serving as postmodern America’s whipping-boy and scapegoat for racism. For years many of us have warned that there is a campaign of cultural genocide directed against the South — today we see the proof of anti-South, cultural genocide in action.

When the English Empire invaded and occupied Scotland, the empire used cultural genocide to pacify and control the unruly Scots. Symbols of Scottish culture were outlawed — empires hate things that do not conform with the imperial norm. When the Soviet Union invaded and occupied the Baltic states, the communist empire immediately prohibited the display of national flags and removed symbols of Baltic culture. Imperialists know that monuments speak to the hearts of a conquered and oppressed people — regional monuments are dangerous to empires.

Southerners are learning that postmodern America is not “our” America. Bible-Belt Southerners understand that in today’s America our religion is mocked while the postmodern religion of secular humanism is now the United States’ officially protected religion. Thanks to the coronavirus, we have learned that even freedom of religion can be arbitrarily revoked by “our” government.

We now see the truth in John C. Calhoun’s declaration that no word in the Constitution is self-enforcing. We now understand why Jefferson and Madison wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolves in 1798 declaring that we the people of the states are the final judge of our Constitutional rights — not a supreme federal government.

How long can people be held in a government that represents political, social and religious views opposite to the views of the captive people?


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