Almost every day when I read the online edition of The Advocate, there is a report of one or more fatal shootings in East Baton Rouge Parish. Often there are no clues, no suspects and no motives, and the EBR homicide map is filling up. This situation should be an outrageous insult to the citizens of this area. This is a serious issue that brings down a dark cloud over the city, seriously degrades the local quality of life and makes visitors wary.

I’m sure quelling this violence is the top priority of Baton Rouge’s law enforcement, but it’s time for real results. Possibly it’s time for new methods of law enforcement to deal with this type of crime, but citizen involvement is also crucial.

The citizens deserve to live in peace, but do they care enough to take action and cooperate with law enforcement? As “M*A*S*H” combat surgeon Hawkeye Pierce said, “If we have more people with guns, we’ll have less people with guns.”

Bill Frankenberger

wildlife biologist

Gainesville, Fla.