Doug MacCash’s St. Drew’s Last Supper article was great and thought-provoking.

Stephany Layman’s painting depicts fascinating creativity, exceptional talent and total devotion to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. This same devotion to Brees is found throughout the New Orleans metro area and nationally among football fans. He is a truly exceptional football player, family man, generous philanthropist and all-American good guy.

My mind’s eye had a very different view when I looked at Layman’s fine work of art. The vision was blurred as I recalled Brees backing down from his initial strong support of the American flag and the national anthem. This occurred as many professional athletes were kneeling during the anthem to draw attention to their concerns about social justice and racial issues.

My view of the Drew Brees Last Supper has the American flag flying proudly at the center of the Last Supper table. In place of apostles, I saw uniformed members of the American armed services. Behind them were the shadows of millions of service members who had served, fought and died defending the American flag, the national anthem and the American way of life in too many wars to list. I envisioned two of the veterans in this group as Brees’ grandfathers who fought in World War II.

I suspect Brees softened his initial support of the flag and national anthem because of pressure from teammates, the media, other NFL players, business interests and the very strong possibility of damaging second-career opportunities. His reversal and damage control appears to have worked as demonstrated by continuing unwavering popularity and a lucrative commentator contract with a major TV network.

Finally, my vision of the Drew Brees Last Supper has our hero in the place of Judas, counting his 30 million pieces of silver.

All this said, I congratulate No. 9 on the occasion of his NFL retirement and wish him and his family much-continued success and happiness. Thanks for the wonderful football memories.

Go Saints!


colonel, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)