We received our first COVID-19 vaccine shots Saturday in a well-run operation at the Living Faith Christian Center on Winbourne Avenue in Baton Rouge.

We are grateful for the vaccination and even more grateful for the faith, corporate and governmental entities that cooperated to create a smooth, efficient and safe vaccination site.

Living Faith Christian Center has a large and well-appointed campus providing the space for parking, registration and vaccination.

The Louisiana National Guard and the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging did a great job efficiently moving hundreds of people through the process all while keeping us at a safe distance from one another. Albertson's provided administrative support and their pharmacists gave us our shots. We were in and out in about 45 minutes. Our follow-up vaccination appointments were scheduled for us.

We know the work of other agencies like the Louisiana Department of Health contributed to this success.

We thank everyone involved and marvel at the efficient combined effort to combat this virus in the most direct way: a shot in the arm. Three days later, we can report no side effects other than brief, mild pain at the injection site.

Get your shots, neighbors. Working together, we can tame this virus.


director, state House Democratic Caucus



Baton Rouge