I urge everyone voting by mail to read everything carefully before you seal the envelope and mail it.

My husband and I voted by mail in August. The voting form had a prefilled return address label attached. There was an area to write in our mother’s maiden name on the form, sign it, then place it in the envelope provided and mail it. There was an area for voters needing assistance to have the assistant sign also. I thought I followed the instructions.

I received a letter from the Board of Supervisors of Elections, a form titled “Challenge of Voter for Cause,” with no other explanation. There was a box checked with the wording the ballot is valid, but no other explanation.

This confused me into thinking my vote was counted. I went to the court to inquire why did I receive this and what does it mean. The person speaking with me explained this means I was given credit for voting; however, the person I voted for did not get credit for my vote.

I questioned this and was told I did not have anyone witness my signature to state I cast and signed the form. It wasn’t clear to me I needed a witness to verify it was my signature on the ballot. I was very upset the candidate did not get my vote. This is another form of voter suppression, like moving mailboxes. Something like that encourages people to not vote.

A few days later, my husband received the same letter. Now, I am more concerned and upset the person did not get the two votes, or many more that had this very same thing happen. Every person voting by mail should be sure to read everything carefully on the form and make sure you have signatures where needed if you want your vote to count.

Do not get discouraged. Help others vote spread the word about this incident. Don’t let the pandemic stop you, don’t let something like this stop you. Make your vote count.


retired nurse

New Orleans