I have a 9-year-old granddaughter named Camille. She’s the light of my life. So when I learned she had a mysterious illness that made it impossible for her to walk, it crushed me.

We pushed forward and she started physical therapy. She also was fitted for a custom wheelchair and walker. As hard as that was to watch, Medicaid made it worse by taking months of unexplained delays to approve the wheelchair.

I went to Tara High School with Bill Cassidy. I knew he would help me. I sent him an email and he put me in touch with his office.

After I filled out a form and sent it back, Medicaid responded. They called within a week and promised me the wheelchair would arrive by May 5. Sure enough, that’s what happened.

It’s hard to see your grandchild struggling to walk. Government red tape doesn’t make it any better.

I appreciate Bill Cassidy cutting that tape for me. He’ll make a great senator, and he has my vote.

Tammy Boyette


Denham Springs