After nearly two years of unprecedented public health emergencies — from COVID-19, police violence, mass evictions, environmental injustice, extreme weather and more — we now know all of these conditions affect and build on each other. That’s why we need every dollar in the Build Back Better Act — the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill — to take on climate change

In Louisiana, we only have one city (many others pending) committed to powering their communities with 100% clean, renewable energy. Nationwide, more than 180 cities have made the pledge. It’s time for robust leadership that commits to create a strong, affordable, 100% clean energy electric grid.

This fall, Louisiana’s delegation must support the Build Back Better Act, which invests in protecting our climate. It includes a clean energy payment program and clean energy tax incentives that would help our city transition justly and equitably to 100% clean energy over the next decade.

Louisiana congressional leaders and senators should know it’s time to represent the will of the people — we need a way to transition nationally to 100% clean energy. We cannot afford to wait, and neither can the people of Louisiana.

I love this state — I spend ample amounts of time traveling throughout the state, from Bossier and Alexandria to Lafayette and Folsom. My concerns are for the future of all of Louisiana, not just New Orleans, not just Baton Rouge or south Louisiana.

Call your senator or representative now and tell them we need federal action on climate change. No climate, no deal.


volunteer leader

New Orleans