At long last, Louisiana voters have an opportunity to enact true tax reform by voting in favor of Amendments 1 and 2 on Saturday.

These propositions have the strong support of the Council For A Better Louisiana and the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, as well as legislative and political leaders, both Democrat and Republican.

The amendments also represent the thinking of a Louisiana Law Institute Commission some 20 years ago and the nonpartisan task force that made its recommendations in 2017 after state government wrestled with a $2 billion financial crisis that arose a year earlier.

By streamlining sales tax collections, lowering income tax rates and eliminating a deduction allowed by only a handful of states, we finally can make the kind of changes long advanced by experts like the Tax Foundation and good government groups who have carefully studied the inequities in our structure and the impediments to economic advancement.

It's time for real reform.


Louisiana commissioner of administration

Baton Rouge