Bill Smith got it right in his letter of July 16, titled “America must repent its ways.” Ours is a decadent society that has turned its back on God and has set the nation on an evil path. America is too far gone to turn around. The day of reckoning is coming. The nation is “going to hell in a handbasket.”

Just read the daily paper or watch the evening news, and it should make you realize you are living in a world of sinful ways. Sunday’s paper is a good example that included the following stories: Slain Hammond priest mourned; ex-convict former Gov. Edwin Edwards greets admirers at his book signing; Baker man booked on rape count again; four East Baton Rouge Parish prisoners get a deal to avoid death sentences; a report about how Atlanta schools urge cheating — a typical daily report by The Advocate — it’s unconscionable.

Without a flinch, this is what we expect to read in our daily paper and view on evening television. It’s an everyday occurrence that we accept — an immoral lifestyle promoted by movies, television, magazines, music, computers and drug use. It was not a way of life 60 years ago, and it should not be an accepted way of life today.

More couples living together in America are not married. The children of these couples hold the future of America in their hands. They are swept up in the sins of adults who do not seem to care.

This way of life goes right up to our leaders in government. Just recently, the sordid activities of U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., were splashed across the nation’s newspapers, television and radio.

Then we also had the murder trial of Casey Anthony, which was televised and viewed nationwide.

It involved her young daughter and was eagerly watched by millions.

Americans are no longer in control of their destiny. Our forefathers put us on the right path, but we have gone astray.

Jim Atteberry

retired engineer

Baton Rouge