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Dr. Catherine O'Neal, left, receives the coronavirus vaccine from Kathy Megison, RN, as approximately 2,000 doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine arrive for Baton Rouge team members, Thursday, December 17, 2020, at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, La.

I was shocked to read Dr. Catherine O'Neal's comments in your July 21 article "Choose vaccine or death." This kind of fear-mongering is out of line for someone in such a responsible position as chief medical officer of a major hospital. The data shown in the article collected since the beginning of the pandemic shows a 2% mortality rate for our state; many of the deaths had underlying medical conditions prior to infection. 

Her comment that people "infected with COVID-19 aren't protected against the new variant" is not accurate. A review in Healthline magazine states, "Natural immunity does, in many cases protect people from re-infection and when they do occur, they tend to be mild." Whatever happened to the accepted mantra, my body, my choice.

This kind of misinformation makes one think that maybe there is some other motive behind this type of rhetoric than concern. How about just the facts without hyperbole? Contrary to what some people may think, we are not stupid.



New Orleans

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