While we appreciate the excellent coverage that The Advocate has provided on the “Frontline” documentary, “Separate But Unequal” about the effort to incorporate the St. George area and create its own school system, no mention was given of Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s follow-up discussion, “Breaking Away, A Louisiana Public Square” special that aired after the “Frontline” program.

This 30-minute program, moderated by LPB’s Shauna Sanford, gave proponents and opponents of the St. George movement a chance to comment on the documentary and correct what they considered to be inaccuracies. Participants included St. George leaders Norman Browning and Lionel Rainey; state Sen. Bodi White; state Rep. Patricia Haynes Smith; East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member Barbara Freiberg; School Board attorney Domoine Rutledge; and Metro Council members Chandler Loupe and Tara Wicker; Belinda Davis of One Community, One School District; investigative journalist John Camp; Professor Jared Llorens from LSU; and St. George proponent Dustin Yates. Loupe said it was the first time that all of the principals in the St. George debate had been in the same room.

Both the “Frontline” program and “Breaking Away” can be seen on Friday, July 18 at 9 p.m. on LPB2 and online at video.lpb.org. We urge anyone who is interested in the St. George debate to view these programs.

Bob Neese

promotions manager,

Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Baton Rouge