On Nov. 13, voters of Lafayette Parish will be asked to renew a 1.71 mills property tax dedicated to airport operations and maintenance. This millage was first passed by the voters 49 years ago in 1972 and has been renewed every 10 years since then.

Dollars received from the millage are used to maintain the airport property and leased buildings and fund operations such as security, fire protection, parking management fees, general maintenance, janitorial services and the airport staff and administration who manage the publicly owned Lafayette airport.

To put the cost of the millage in perspective, after homestead exemption, for a home assessed at $100,000 the cost of the millage is 36 cents per month and the cost for a home assessed at $200,000 is $1.18 per month. The millage contributes about $3.7 million of the airport’s $8.2 million annual operating budget. The rest of the operational funds are raised through leases on airport property, parking fees, a $4.50 passenger fee paid to the airport by the Federal Aviation Administration, commissions from airport vendors and fuel sales.

Funds generated by this millage are 100% dedicated to operations and maintenance of the airport. They are not used to build the new LFT terminal. The new LFT terminal project has been fully funded, in part by the temporary 1-cent sales tax collected in 2015. That eight-month sales tax, approved by Lafayette Parish voters, generated about $34 million of the $150 million needed to build the new terminal and supportive infrastructure. The remaining funds came from federal, state and airport revenues.


chairman, Lafayette Airport Commission