New Orleans has always been my home, so I’m always interested in measures that benefit our community, and am suspicious of proposals that claim they will. This is how I’ve approached Constitutional Amendment 2. Is it really going to benefit New Orleanians who need it most or just those who want to avoid taxes?

In the end, I’ve come to believe it is a good thing for our whole community because it will remove a tax break for the wealthy while lowering the tax rate for everyone; and it will promote economic development for our city and state.

For the first, the existing system of federal income tax credit has mostly only helped the wealthy — it has not been an equal tax break. Removing that tax credit and lowering the state income tax rate will be much more equitable for all Louisiana citizens, and will be more transparent.

For the second, our state currently looks more expensive than others even though it is not. That means fewer people moving here and investing here. Correcting that perception by way of a lower and simpler income tax means more opportunity for our community.

We need to continue bringing greater equity and greater opportunity to our city and state. For those reasons, I support Amendment 2.


business owner

New Orleans