Regarding The Advocate’s article “Jay Dardenne: ‘Unprecedented, dramatic, profound changes’ needed to plug massive budget hole,” I agree with Gov. John Bel Edwards in that it is necessary to raise taxes instead of cutting the state budget. Though cutting the state budget may seem like the only viable option in order to please the residents of Louisiana, it really isn’t.

If, for example, the budget for statewide education were cut, it would begin to poorly affect the students of Louisiana.

Furthermore, it may lead to a lack of good education within the Louisiana community, which could then lead to a lack in the number of Louisiana public high school students that will attend college.

Having a drop in this number would be detrimental to the state, as it would lead to a higher number of unemployed people.

In the end, this would actually hurt our state even more than if we just decided to tax the people in the first place.

So, in my opinion, higher taxes is the way to go so that the state can avoid creating even larger issues than the ones at hand.

Alexa Zaheri


New Orleans