Although the 57 votes were not enough to convict a guilty Donald Trump, it was enough to show the American public the character of the other 43 senators who chose party and the fear of their seditious leader above their constitutional duty and their country.

Those 43 senators will now bear the stigma of Trump for the rest of their lives and will be reminded of their weakness every time they seek public office again.

Sen. John N. Kennedy, R-Madisonville, in particular, was in a great hurry to “explain” his job as a senator and why he thought the evidence did not link Trump to the rioters. He forgot to say that he was impartial or that he voted to acquit because he might be afraid of the wrath of Trump and his followers.

He should be more concerned that his failure to honor his sacred oath is embarrassing to many citizens of Louisiana — conscientious, voting citizens.


retired secretary