Michael Sellen clings to the “When did you start beating your wife?” tactic in his anti-Hillary diatribe. He’s like a prosecuting attorney with a case based on pure invective and no facts. We’ve been through this trite smear campaign before.

The Clintons have been accused of everything from murder to treason to denying Chris Stevens, our slain ambassador to Libya, help when needed. Four Republican investigative committees have concluded she did nothing wrong at Benghazi. That’s a fact.

If she is found guilty with her emails, that also will be both a fact and a crime. True, Bill Clinton was a womanizer. That’s a fact as well. Everyone knows that. But why blame her for the sins of her husband?

He repeats by rote the old GOP saw about making the country great again and “empowering” individuals. The country has always been great and is now. The Republican version of empowering individuals would be like a rich man and a poor man close to drowning in deep water. The rich man would be thrown his life preserver first because he was already empowered.

But the poor man would only be thrown his life preserver until he couldn’t tread water anymore and was “empowered” by his effort to save himself and “freed” from his need to be rescued any more.

Thus, the poor man would be saved from his dependency and money would be saved by not buying more life preservers. It’s the same old canard about wealth trickling down from top to bottom when it actually rarely does. And what is he raving about when he refers to her and her husband’s “…great money-laundering devices of all time”? This is a serious allegation. Where is his proof?

He refers to the D.C. “elite.” It amuses me to hear this from the right. If Washington is so evil, why are the Republican candidates so eager to go there and be the elite themselves? Hint: That’s where the government is.

It’s not in Reykjavik. Other than finding it on the map, their real reason is to privatize the government.

So the Clintons have made money. So what? Don’t Americans like making money? What about the Bushes? Or Donald Trump? His main talking point is that because he is rich and successful he can remake the country in his own image.

But even he eyes Washington, D.C. If (God forbid) he is elected president, he will either become the government himself or sell it to the highest bidder.

Steve McMurray

retired art director

River Ridge