They’re back!

Here I sit watching the groups of six, eight and 10 people yelling and screaming as they walk down the street heading to Bourbon. They are staying in one of the many illegal short-term rentals in the neighborhood.

We have so many we cannot count them. We have no way to find out which ones are illegal or whether they have permits. No map or listings on the city site.

It looks like Peter Bowen is doing what we knew he would do: Nothing. No hearings for the illegal short-term rental owners, no enforcement, no response from the Short Term Rental office when we report them for the loud parties and large groups. They have whittled the STR office down to so few people they are ineffective.

It’s not just my neighborhood, it is everywhere. A friend just told me her Uptown neighborhood is filled with them too.

As we approach our spring season, it will get worse. The mayor will close down the bars, restaurants and large groups being outside, but will do nothing to close down the illegal short-term rentals. It is not the locals who go to Bourbon, it is the tourists.

Those tourists who will rent the full-house illegal Airbnb’s and bring in their friends and have large parties (super-spreaders) to stay in our residential neighborhoods during the upcoming “festival season.” We will call the police and 311 but they will be busy in the French Quarter. The tourists will have their large parties, and ruin our livelihood. We (the locals) are the ones who will stay in and watch them.

The landlords of these illegal STR’s are happy as they have free range to do whatever they want. I believe that closing down the illegal STR’s, and enforcing the short term rental law would be more profitable than closing down our local watering holes.



New Orleans