The latest eligibility expansion for COVID-19 vaccine reduces the age to receive the possibly life-saving shots to people over 65.

Now, the initial guidelines set by the federal government were first-responders, medical personnel, assisted living patients and essential workers. It also included those with preexisting conditions, as the virus hits them particularly hard. But the feds then entrusted to the states to set their own guidelines.

Good old Louisiana does what it always does and has made sure the “haves” can get to the front of the line. Judges and their staffs were first, now the Command Group in charge of emergencies (whatever that is), cabinet secretaries, attorney general, commissioner of Administration, public service commissioner and other top administrators. I am assuming this also means their families and staff.

Although it has not been mentioned, I am sure our legislators are also in that group. This is how it has always been throughout every administration, whether Republican or Democratic. It’s always the “Haves” vs. the “Have Nots.”

Meanwhile, those at real risk — those over 45 with preexisting conditions — aren’t included in the latest rollout.

So, if you have a loved one with a preexisting condition who is hospitalized or dies, make sure you ask your elected official when they got their shots.


retired lawyer