The new year has brought us a fresh batch of letters from the far right. I particularly liked the one from a few days ago that said that since there are “holes” in the theory of evolution, we should stop teaching it in our schools. That one sentence not only demonstrated the writer’s lack of familiarity with evolutionary biology, it also proved conclusively that he/she doesn’t understand the fundamental nature of science or the definition of the word “theory.”

I also enjoy the various letters that claim that what we need in order to resolve our gun violence problem is (wait for it ...) more guns.

However, I have to take real umbrage at the latest screed from the Chicken Little branch of the conservative side of the aisle from Billy Arcement. The sky didn’t fall when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States and it isn’t going to fall because he was re-elected.

All of the economic problems that we currently face have been caused by the actions of both Democrats and Republicans. The national debt is made up of money that the Democrats spent to make sure that we don’t have starving children littering the streets and megabucks handed out by the Republicans to defense contractors and the oil companies. After all, Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of the GOP, tripled the national debt in his eight years in office. Neither party can take sole blame for our financial situation. Neither will be able to resolve it by drawing lines in the sand and daring the other side to take a step.

If folks would just stop running around like their hair is on fire, we could resolve this the way we did under President Bill Clinton. Which, by the way, is the method dictated by the mathematics of the situation. We need more revenue and reasonable spending cuts. There’s no other way out.

Just a few other items: The president is not planning to suspend the Constitution. Everyone can continue to worship as they see fit, even if what they worship is their “right” to own a semiautomatic rifle with a 100-round clip. The fact that 20 babies were killed by a mad man with an assortment of weapons that should be illegal in any civilized place will not result in an appreciable decline in the number of privately owned weapons of mass destruction.

Finally, people don’t “ignore” the Constitution as much as they interpret it differently. Some folks see it as a means of protecting everyone’s rights in a balanced fashion. Others see it as a tool to insure that white, male, gun-totin’ Christians stay in charge in this here U.S. of A.

Michael Hale

IT consultant

Baton Rouge