It is easy to recognize we have elected a Democrat governor here in Louisiana. The instant analysis is that nothing but financial ruin is on the horizon, followed by the emergency clarion call for new taxes. This doom and gloom outlook can only be cured by massive infusions of new tax money according to our Gov. John Bel Edwards and his hand-wringing, crisis-wailing, Chicken Little purveyors of financial disaster. This is right out of the Democrat play book: Lay the groundwork early, instantly create alarm, stoke the populace with misrepresentations, half-truths and half-witted analyses, then follow that with the cure-all — NEW TAXES … NOW! All the while padding the government payroll.

It seems the only calming voice of reason in this Democrat onslaught is John Kennedy, and he should know as the head of the State Treasury. The governor’s response to John Kennedy is a political one: “Well, he’s running for senator.” Someone needs to persuade our legislators to step back, take a breath and do an in-depth analysis of the purported financial problems facing this state.

If it proves true that we need more money flowing into the state treasury, here is one solution that will generate millions for our supposed desperate financial condition: Start by levying state income tax on every pension paid to public employees i.e. law enforcement, firemen, teachers and all other public sector employees with a lifetime exemption to paying state income taxes on their pension check. Retirees from the private sector pay; why not those in the public sector. To borrow a Democrat phrase, “everybody pays their fair share.”

When we petition for bankruptcy, then tell me you need to call a special session of the Legislature to consider new taxes.

David Stuart

retired, insurance industry