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President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Monroe in 2019.

The House of Representatives is now moving into the next phase of the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, and after reams of damning and corroborating evidence has been presented, Republicans are still stubbornly supporting this corrupt president. During the beginning of the process, U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, and others squalled nonstop about the unfairness of this so-called "secret" process even though GOP members had every opportunity to sit in on the Intelligence Committee's closed door proceedings and ask questions of the witnesses. They had the chance to leak any exculpatory findings to the press had any been brought forth. Apparently, none was.

Scalise and his fellow members of "Team Trump" then pulled the boneheaded, illegal. sophomoric stunt of storming the committee. When this didn't work, Reps. Scalise, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and others started parroting Trump's story that Ukraine was responsible for interfering in our 2016 election and they claimed that this was reason enough to justify Trump's attempt to bribe President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce the fake investigations of Joe and Hunter Biden and Crowdstrike. The "Ukraine did it" narrative comes straight from Vladimir Putin and, even though everyone of these Republicans know it, they persist in furthering Russia's interests by reiterating it loudly and repeatedly. 

The president's crime is so insidious because, at the same time that our legitimate State Department personnel were lecturing Zelensky and his newly formed government about the necessity of routing out corruption in Ukraine, Trump, with the help of lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the Three Amigos, were busy trying to inject corruption into the former Soviet state's politics. The irony of this seems to be lost on the president and his Republican lapdogs.

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The inappropriateness and downright illegality of this also seem to have been missed by the 41% of Americans who still want the impeachment of Trump to fail. Why? Is the evidence not clear enough? 

How do these rabid Republicans still support a president who lies compulsively, abandons our allies, weakens NATO, pardons war criminals (read murderers), commits adultery with pornographers, mocks the infirmed, coddles murderous dictators, encourages racists, bans immigrants of certain religions, defers to Putin, allows tyrants to invade sovereign nations, denies climate change, makes sexual comments about adolescent girls, curses in the presence of children, panders to xenophobes and white supremacists, and exhibits stupidity on the grandest of scales?

John Bel Edwards carried Jefferson Parish, long a Republican stronghold, but can other Democrats?

If this is the kind of president we elect to represent us then, certainly, this is the government we deserve. Likewise, what future is there for this country if we continue to elect rubbish? Should I submit a request for citizenship in New Zealand?

Joey Maddox


Des Allemands