The dilapidated and graffiti-covered former Lindy Boggs Medical Center is seen past a playground on the Lafitte Greenway in New Orleans.

This past year has been one that all of us will never forget. The pandemic has changed our lives. We are grateful that we seem to be on the way to recovery.

I write today not with regards to the pandemic but an epidemic that is plaguing our city. This is with regards to the surge of graffiti that is destroying every part of our city. Buildings and homes are destroyed because of those who have no regard for property.

It is a well-known fact that where there is graffiti there is also a higher rate of crime. I hope that our city can seriously come up with a plan to stop these vandals from trashing our city. Let us save the environment. Let us take steps to bring graffiti to a halt.


pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

New Orleans