The Times-Picayune reported Nov. 10 that the "U.S. says that it's inviting the global community to visit now that the government has ended the ban on travelers from 33 countries ... people from poorer countries where vaccines are scarce remain cut off, with limited exceptions." We are inviting people in who have been vaccinated.

So those so-called "limited exceptions" must include the thousands of people crossing our southern border in droves. They are not being tested.

Our past administration had the border crossings controlled. This present administration has opened the border to flood our nation with illegal immigrants to the point of possibly paying these people thousands of dollars for their so-called hardship.

Beside not wanting these people here, I don’t want my hard-earned money to pay them anything. We have not even addressed the millions of people here illegally while allowing more to come in. I believe this present administration is set on destroying this nation.

The administration’s mission should be to close those southern borders and finish building the wall.



New Orleans