I started the North Rampart Street Association in the mid-1970s.

I owned and operated my Vieux Carre Hotel at 920 N. Rampart St., and the Burgundy Inn, now St. Pierre, backed up to the property; together, I had 170 or so French Quarter hotel rooms across from the park.

I worked through all issues of demolition across North Rampart Street, the building of the fence around 30 acres of Treme and McDonough, across from the French Quarter and just four blocks from Royal Street. Our North Rampart Street Association would meet at my hotel, and we focused on the French Quarter side of North Rampart Street and the park.

The North Rampart Street RTA streetcar is to begin construction this fall. Two years or so of heavy construction might require office site location and other administrative uses for public transportation streetcar issues, which might extend for years, according to recent publications. Renovate the treasured historic buildings for these uses from the North Rampart Street streetcar funds. Allow RTA to maintain offices, etc., there in conjunction with our federal agency at the French Market. Involve Treme and other associations in the daily effort. Municipal auditorium gutting is in process, so involve the auditorium in this process.

Geoffrey Boulmay

retired business consultant