I read Cokie and Steve Roberts’ Bernie Sanders piece in a recent Advocate and was astounded by a certain phrase. To simply term Hillary Clinton’s actions as “missteps” is truly amazing! Everything Clinton does is calculated, and much of it condescending and disingenuous.

I’m no right-wing radical, but her catch phrase, “Fighting for us” is a perfect example of her condescending nature. More specifically, I’m a conservative who has worked his whole life to provide the essentials (and a couple extras) for my family. I have never taken a single government giveaway and have dutifully paid my taxes, while millions of able-bodied people are allowed to abuse the welfare state created in Washington, D.C. Still, Clinton and others on the left continually insist we aren’t paying enough. So, how is Clinton fighting for me?

Just once, I would love to have this question answered.

Hugh Riviere

city councilman

Port Allen