What is the argument now? Mary Landrieu has asserted that Louisiana needs her seniority and her Energy Committee chair. With the midterm election mostly over and Republicans gaining control of the Senate, neither her seniority nor her Energy chairwoman position will be any good to Louisiana when the new Senate takes the helm in January as she will lose the chair and be in the minority.

Other arguments I’ve heard are as bad or as misleading. One that I hear often is that she’s good for the sugar industry. The price of sugar, in spite of a few good years from 2010-13, is the same as it was 20 years ago. We have the president’s USDA and feckless trade strategy to thank for that. A senator who is not beholden to President Barack Obama or his Democratic Party is in a far better position to fight for the sugar industry without regard to protecting this administration and how it’s fouled it up for the industry as a whole.

Another hollow argument is that Landrieu is good for the petroleum industry. It was during her current term that drilling in the Gulf was annihilated, hiding behind the BP Deepwater Horizon incident. Permits to drill in the Gulf now take much longer and are much more difficult to attain. And drilling on federal lands is virtually halted under this administration. If either of those are good, then I guess some environmental extremists have a good reason to vote for Landrieu. But for the rest of us who know that the petroleum industry is safe, environmentally friendly and provides good jobs for thousands of Louisiana citizens as well as a huge tax base for the state, those are not reasons to vote for her.

She campaigns on all the money she’s brought to the state. In general, I think that politicians campaigning on bringing our money to us is shameful in itself. But, if that’s not enough, Landrieu voted for the Affordable Care Act, one of the biggest tax increases and most overreaching violations of free-market capitalism and individual freedom ever perpetrated on the American people. That vote alone is ample evidence of her prioritization of President Obama and the Democratic Party over the people of Louisiana.

I don’t like partisan politics and don’t care for either party. But when it comes to what’s best for Louisiana, it certainly isn’t a rubber stamp for Obama and the big government, intrusive platform of the Democratic Party, compliments of Landrieu.

Oscar Evans

retired fighter pilot

White Castle