Paul Hogan, councilman at-large Division B, claps after a proclamation is read during the St. Charles Parish council meeting at the St. Charles Parish Courthouse in Hahnville, La., Monday, March 25, 2019.

Regarding the story titled, “Council tightens meeting rules; St. Charles hopes to rein in unruly conduct” that was recently in the newspaper, it sure would have been nice if sufficient details would have been included in the story to accurately present it to the public. It stated “Hogan's skirmishes with other parish leaders, especially council Chairwoman Julia Fisher-Perrier, centered in large part on who was allowed to speak at the meetings, and when.” It should have stated “skirmishes regarding rule and code violations.” Skirmishes only occur when I point out violations. 

The story stated, “A change to the rules the council adopted this week should help avoid the spectacle of council members being booted as a result of the over whose turn it is to speak.” It failed to note that being booted was a result of me calling for the chair to address the point of order issue, which she refused to do. The story should have stated somewhere that “Hogan's removal in both cases came after Perrier refused to address the points of order called for by Hogan, which she was obligated to do.”

The story stated, “But the council's written rules made no mention of that system. Instead, they stated, "No member may speak until he has addressed the chair by saying 'Mr. (or Madame) Chairman,' and has been recognized by the Chair.” That sentence should have ended with “which both Perrier and Parish Attorney Robert Raymond had steadfastly claimed had nothing to do with how a member is to be recognized, even despite a professional parliamentarian who provided an opinion stating otherwise.” Funny how now it does pertain to recognition and needs fixing. 

And where the story said, “If the council had done that earlier, he said, "I would not have been escorted out of the June 17 meeting." That should have stated “If the council had adopted the same rule change he proposed back in March, which the Council voted against back then, he said, "I would not have been escorted out of the June 17 meeting." 

With respect to me not being removed from either of the two July meetings, this was only because I did not push the recognition issue since the rules were in the works on being amended as I had been begging for.

Paul J. Hogan

councilman-at-large, St. Charles Parish

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