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Picking the rush hour traffic eastbound and westbound on Interstate 10, activists put banners over the highway on the Nairn Drive overpass protesting climate change Friday Sept. 20, 2019, in Baton Rouge, La.

Cal Thomas in his column questions the credibility of a 16-year old lecturing adults about science, "and an end of the world scenario." In response, I point out her words were, "Listen to the scientists." And Thomas quite successfully proves that older age has not help educate him on the subject.

To correct Thomas' end of the planet comment, Earth will continue. It's humanity and other life that scientists say is in great peril.

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Thomas justifies discounting current scientific research and knowledge by quoting a few comments made in the 70's. A few incorrect comments made 50 years ago justifies discounting what current research & 95% of the world's scientists & Greta are telling you now? Who is the one that needs to learn and be in school, Cal?

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"Her hysterics" because she making a plea for leadership and action now?

The scientists she is begging us to listen to are telling us that heat trapping CO2 & Methane gases are being spewed into the atmosphere in increasingly alarming rates.

Sea level rise due to continual warming will put in peril half of Earth's low-lying population within the coming decades. Oceans absorbing CO2 are changing the PH to acidity, which will cause mass extinction of marine life just as it did earlier in Earth's more volcanic history, when volcanos were responsible for the high levels of CO2. Human activity of 7 billion of us are the CO2 spewing modern volcanos.

Rich Lowry in his column shows equal ignorance of the subject, and calls Thunberg "overwrought." And assures us that our kids "will grow up even in a warming world." Lowry justifies discounting the tragedy of this "warming world" because Greta is "a 16-year-old girl." But what this 16-year-old is saying is "listen to the scientists." And the scientists are far more intelligent than either Cal or Rich show in their "kill the messenger" positions. I recall both doing so many years ago to Al Gore when he warned we needed to listen to the scientists. You both still not ready to listen? Smarter than the scientists of the world, are you? You're not!

Even Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have expressed similar do-nothing, just deny the problem approaches, and to quote Al Gore, it's just too "inconvenient" to address the "truth" of "the greatest threat facing humanity."

What Thunberg, and Gore before her has brought to the forefront, deniers need to realize the severity of what's facing humanity. Leadership and action are required now, and Trump, Thomas and Lowry "need to listen to the scientists."

Terry Grundmann

sales engineer