When it comes to solving the national debt and deficit, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and his tea party Republicans are completely delusional.

They worship at the altar of extremists such as Glenn Beck and atheist Ayn Rand. It is here that they receive instructions on how to dupe the nation into believing the debt-ceiling fiasco can be solved overnight.

As they pass through the rabbit hole to Wonderland, they secretly hope Americans will forget the $1.3 trillion spent on a war based in lies.

Let us also not forget the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts under President George W. Bush that cost $1.6 trillion, the 2003 creation of the $300 billion Medicare prescription drug benefit and the 2008 financial industry bailout ringing up at $200 billion.

The national debt now totals $14.3 trillion and is the sum of deficits past and present. This didn’t happen overnight and certainly will not be corrected overnight. Republicans hope to absolve themselves of their sins by passing blame over to the Democrats so they can take back the White House and Senate, and resume where they left off just a few short years ago.

Boehner and his henchmen are only interested in returning to the Bush years of empowering big business to outsource jobs while receiving tax breaks to do so. All of this and more, including elimination of corporate oversight and continuing to strip workers of their right to organize and bargain collectively.

The hardliner stance of Boehner and his cronies as being the will of the people is being foisted on us continuously and is nothing more than a lie. The truth is that the people of this nation would welcome a common-sense approach that undoubtedly would require compromise from both parties to achieve a long-term solution to the national debt.

This will require a sincere effort by those elected to end the bitter divisiveness that has paralyzed our legislative process and hijacked our democracy.

Mark Walock

pipe fitter, Local 60