I am a lawyer and proud of it. Dan Fagan's Oct. 23 column was misleading, at best. Again, trial lawyers were demonized for creating a "judicial hellhole" in our fine state.

He failed to note that in Louisiana, an injured person has no more than one year to sue for personal injury. In Texas, it's two years. In Florida, it's four years. He compares Louisiana to these states. If he preferred to draw sensible and correct comparisons among the number of suits filed per 100,000 people in different states, he must take that into consideration. Else, his opinion is flat-out deceptive.

I believe that we are the only state with a one-year tolling period, forcing people into litigation much faster than might otherwise be necessary. You could look it up. And, P.S., it's the Louisiana Legislature who passes these time-limiting laws. It is my abiding wish that this columnist should begin fact-checking before he hits the "Send" button. A brief trawl through Google and Wikipedia would have been a good start. Opinions are opinions; facts are facts and I believe this columnist should maybe know the difference.




Dan Fagan: The trial lawyers are getting desperate in Rispone-Edwards race for governor