While no one can question the environmental and health benefits of bicycle riding, it would be nice if cyclists were as courteous to drivers as drivers are expected to be to cyclists. Since we are supposed to share the road, it is only fair that cyclists obey the rules of that road.

It seems that practically every day I see a bicycle rider running a stop sign or red light, or worse still riding the wrong way on a one-way street, even at night. And since I have to slow down to the 10 or 15 mph speed of a cyclist on 25 mph streets, it would be very nice if they would move closer to the curb when there is a substantial gap of three or four car lengths where no cars are parked so that motorists could pass. And since I must allow three feet when passing a cyclist, a maneuver that will put me at risk of a head-on collision with another car, it would seem only fair that cyclists should only ride single file, not in tandem.

Louis Shepard

property manager

New Orleans