In this tough, slowly improving economic climate, we are sometimes faced with hard choices about our in-home comfort. Louisianans have one of lowest utility rates in the United States, but we have some of the highest energy bills! Bottom line, we are paying too much for our energy.

That could change if the Louisiana Public Service Commission supports an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard, which would help lower our energy bills and make our energy use more efficient. This is not a huge sacrifice, nor is it too costly. It’s just about saving energy.

An EERS provides incentives to weatherize our homes, install efficient appliances — all resulting in lower bills. By adopting the EERS, we would put money right back into our wallets.

The commission has the opportunity to save us some money, but they have been sitting on this proposal for months! They need to stop stalling and vote on this important issue that could benefit all Louisianans.

Michelle Erenberg

project coordinator

New Orleans