I buried a kitten this morning. His death is the responsibility of the person who refuses to spay/neuter pets, dumps pets, abandons pets.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. This kitten should never have been born, to suffer his entire life. Only eight weeks old, found along a road, he was a complete skeleton, one of the skinniest animals I’ve ever seen. He was vetted, but he had gone too long without food.

I held him last night, petting him, talking to him, apologizing for wrongs that humans inflict on fellow living beings. Every person who refuses to spay/neuter their pets, every person who “gets rid of them,” every person who breeds or buys their pets, is responsible for this. For every dog/cat allowed to be born, one must suffer and die on the streets, in the hands of animal abusers, or in horrendous conditions at animal control centers.

Remember this while you sit in your warm house, with a full belly, while innocent dogs/cats are starving, dehydrating, freezing, being abused and suffering. Stop leaving us to clean up your mess.

I’m tired of burying lives lost at the hands of selfish humans who lack compassion and empathy. This kitten’s tiny life might not have meaning to the person who abandoned him, but he certainly fought for the one life he had, and it’s now gone.

Pam Leavy

office manager

Baton Rouge